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Stop Cat from Peeing on Bed

by Weilun Huang 05 Jul 2021

Cats are wonderful, but sometimes they do strange things. One of the strangest behaviors that cats can exhibit is urinating outside of their litter box. If you have a cat that has been peeing on your bed or other furniture in your home, it's time to take action! In this article we will explore some reasons why cats might stop using their litter boxes and what you can do about it.

- Stop Cat from Peeing on Bed

The first thing you can do to stop your cat from peeing outside the litter box is make sure that it has a clean place to use. Cats are very fastidious creatures and will usually not go where they have been before, so keep their litter boxes as clean as possible by scooping them out daily or every time after each mealtime. The next step in stopping this problem is making sure there's plenty of fresh water for them at all times—another necessity cats need!

Move the litter box to a more private area of your home. Cats are naturally wary of being in enclosed spaces. They like to be able move about and scratch on things while doing their business, so provide them with little boxes for climbing or scratching that they can access during the process! Sometimes your cat just doesn't want to use a litter box you've provided it; give him more choices by providing an open space where he is allowed to do his business freely without any restrictions and enjoy exploring as well as some toys nearby.

Clean up any accidents as soon as they happen. If you find out why he was peeing outside, it's important to remove the soiled sheets and mattress cover or box spring. Wet stains can attract your pet by creating a strong smell that could encourage him in places where you don't want him!

Try changing their food for one week and see if that reduces the frequency of accidents . Cats are known for their sensitive noses, and this is even more true when they have a urinary tract infection. Switching to wet food can trigger an incontinence episode in some cases - so try changing your cat's diet first before resorting to litter or enzyme cleaners!

Cats are a lot like little kids. They're playful, they need their space and some toys to stay entertained, but what you have most of all for your cat is water! Provide plenty in an appropriate place so that it's easy-to-reach and won't be knocked over by the cat or dog (you know how those two love playing). Cats also enjoy scratching posts where they can stretch out their claws after running around on hardwood floors - great way to keep them from shredding up your furniture too much! Lastly make sure you take care of kitty with regular vet visits; cats might not show signs right away if something isn't feeling well internally.

The best way to keep your cats from peeing outside of their litter box is by giving them the right environment. Cats need a clean, quiet place that's set up just for them.

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