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How To Make A Cardboard Cat Scratcher

1. Find an old cardboard box that you don't mind throwing away
2. Cut the front and back of the cardboard box off
3. Add a few layers of newspaper to make it more comfortable for your cat
4. Cut out two holes on opposite sides of the box, big enough for your cat's head and tail to fit through
5. Tape one side of the box closed so that it is in a "C" shape
6. Place some treats inside so that your cat will enjoy using his new scratcher!

Cats are naturally drawn to cardboard boxes and they're not alone. We all know how much cats love scratching, so it's no surprise that a cardboard cat scratcher is such an easy way for your feline friend to get the attention he or she deserves. There are many ways you can make your own DIY cat scratcher at home with just a few items from around the house. If you want something more convenient than making one yourself, then we recommend checking out our product below!